Life of a Journey Entrepreneur

Allow me to share a vulnerable story with you about my life as a journey entrepreneur.

You will see that it's often a perilous lonely path with no guarantees of future success.

But with enough persistence and drive, you will eventually reach the highest level.

I'm still not there yet by any stretch of the imagination, but I continue to trust in the process.

It's important to have gratitude for each day and ask for help along the way.

Remember, you always have friends and mentors to guide you when you feel lost.


Adventure Capitalist

I pushed myself to the limit during my hero's journey throughout Central America.

It all started with a meditation/yoga retreat in Guatemala organized by friends.

Then I caught a flight to Costa Rica and filmed tours on assignment for 2 months.

After an unfortunate accident, I continued my travels through Central America for a month.

It was an epic adventure and I met some fascinating adventurers from around the world.

I was able to accomplish my audacious travel goals on a shoestring budget.

Accidentally missed my flight from Mexico City to San Antonio by the narrowest margin.

No refund after multiple complaints.

So I was forced to catch a bus across the Mexican border.

It was the longest bus ride of my entire life. Over 30 hours!

Not the best end to my trip, but everything happens for a reason...

The border crossing bureaucracy is a total joke!

There's definitely a better system we can come up with in the 21st century!


A Kind Woman

Upon my arrival back in Austin, I immediately had reverse culture shock.

I didn't realize how much I missed being able to speak the language.

Communication all of a sudden felt effortless.

I was talking to everyone and sharing my stories to anyone who would listen!

A few days later, I randomly met a real estate agent at Starbucks.

She showed me a few places available for rent.

I eventually learned that I still owed money to a property management company.

After being kicked out of my apartment a few years ago due to a short term rental on Airbnb.

This prevented me from renting another place in Austin until the debt was settled.

I refused to pay the collection agency.

More important things to worry about.

So I immediately started reaching out to friends for help.

I stayed at a hostel for cheap and slept in my car a few nights...

Luckily it wasn't long before I found a place to stay.

A kind woman gave me shelter when I was down and out.

It will not be forgotten!

And I love her.

I will remember everyone who helped me along the way on this journey called life.

Including those who refused to lend and hand.

Some people would rather hit you up for money even when they know you're broke.

It's important to figure out who your true friends are and keep them close.

Surround yourself with the people who have your best interest in mind.

Actively avoid anyone who is negative or trying to ruin your reputation.


Embrace The Struggle

Sometimes you have to go through the valley of death...

This is often a scary moment of realization when you're in the muck.

Sometimes you're broke with few prospects on the horizon.

At this point, all my possessions were packed into my car.

I was living out of my car for a few weeks...

Camping in my tent at state parks around town.

I was even busted by the police for camping in a public park.

They gave me a ticket which I couldn't afford to pay.

It was difficult to keep my head up and trust in the process...

Complaining about your unfortunate situation doesn't improve anything.

So I continued scheduling meetings and attending networking events.

There's always something you can find to be grateful for!

For me, it was having friends I could rely on and personal freedom.

Meditation helps ease your mind during these hard times.

You have to believe that all these struggles will pay off in the long run...

And even if they don't materialize into success, it still makes an interesting story.

I've done some pretty crazy things in my life so far and I have no regrets!


Living With Mom

After a few weeks of camping and sleeping on couches, I couldn't handle the stress...

It was late at night on a weekend after East Austin Studio Tour.

I called my mom and was crying after a few drinks.

I had reached my breaking point.

I just needed a place to rest my head.

Without the constant stress of where to go next.

Or feeling like I was taking advantage of my friends.

I sped along the highway like a madman.

Until, it happened...

My engine had a major oil leak on the highway.

I was running on fumes as Dallas loomed on the horizon.

I stopped at multiple gas stations to pour in more synthetic oil.

At this point I didn't know what was happening...

I was more determined than ever to reach my destination!

So I kept driving without regard to the dire circumstances.

Until eventually I was literally burnt out at a standstill.

All the oil was going straight out the tailpipe.

Luckily my mom picked me up outside Dallas Morning News.

It would later be determined that my engine was dead.

It would cost more to repair than pay off the car in total.

I decided to sell it online for scrap metal.

So now I was stuck living with my parents in "Plan0 Jane".

I used this time to formulate a plan and generate new business leads.

Booked a cheap one-way flight to Panama City with my meager funds.

Started emailing tour companies around the world about organizing press trips.

Scheduled phone calls with people I'm already connected with on LinkedIn.

I had very few options but I was opening doors of opportunity on a daily basis!

After nearly two long months living with my mom.........

I carpooled with two friends back to Austin.

I'm staying at a house on the east side for two more weeks.

Then I'm catching a flight from Dallas to Panama City.

I will continue my travels through Colombia into Ecuador, and beyond!


To Be Continued...

Check back for regular updates during my travels in South America...