The People, United, Will Never Be Divided!

The People, United, Will Never Be Divided! This is a chant you frequently hear during political protests. I've never been an intensely political person, but I think emotionally intelligent people can agree that the current administration under Trump is worse than bad. This is precisely why protests need to happen under any properly functioning democracy; to bring about positive change and move our society forward. And that's precisely the reason why I attended the Austin Women's March last year on January 21st, 2017. What I saw upon my arrival was beyond belief! People, people everywhere! A crowd so massive it filled the entire Capitol Lawn and spread into the streets. I was so inspired by the tremendous outpouring of support against our new President-Elect, so I immediately flew my drone over Congress Avenue and took a single historic photo of what became the largest single-day protest of all time! The official head count in Austin alone was 50,000+ concerned citizens!!!

Austin Capitol Women's March - January 21st, 2017

Austin Capitol Women's March - January 21st, 2017

A year later, and the Trump Presidency is falling apart. Most mental health professionals believe he is unfit to hold office. He can't get anything passed through a Republican-controlled Congress and has already fired all the original cabinet members. This guy is a loose cannon waiting to get impeached. Until that fateful day, we must continue to fight!

Today marks the year anniversary of the historic Women's March. I've accomplished some pretty incredible personal and business goals within that year, and I'm confident 2018 is going to be even better with more financial prosperity! I can't wait to explore South America for a few months, living the digital nomad lifestyle, staying in hostels, and meeting other expats from around the world! Given all the bullshit swirling around in the media lately, and for many other reasons, I believe right now is the ideal time to travel and find yourself!

Who's vicariously coming with me on a search for greater wisdom?