Photo Credit: Yannik Rohrer - The Perfect Headshot

Photo Credit: Yannik Rohrer - The Perfect Headshot

Mike Holp - Austin Photographer

Mike moved to Austin shortly after graduating from Michigan State University. He packed the necessary belongings into a Chevy Cruze and flocked down south for warmer weather, friendly entrepreneurial people, better economy and entertainment. After a few years building mobile apps for small fledgling companies, he decided to go off the beaten path and create an app startup called Dude Where's My Car?. With multiple failed attempts to get in touch with Ashton Kutcher as endorser/investor, he pivoted once again to pursue a passion for photography!

As of approximately two years ago, his first professional camera was a Canon T1i, followed by an upgrade to the 7D, then the Sony A6000 and DJI Phantom 3! This uncertain career has continued to evolve into the realm of aerial photography. He's getting loads of free exposure through local popular blogs and social media. Mike is currently making great strides to break into the aerial real estate markets in Austin!

He is one of the most friendly and down-to-earth people you will meet and truly embodies the business tagline, “Follow Your Passion!”

This expansive portfolio is a short compilation of photos taken over the past few years. Please contact me if you need a professional photographer.