Put Your Money Where The Drone Is

I want to make a confession! I was never a great student in high school and considered dropping out of college many times. Today I'm not even using my degree in the lucrative field of Computer Science. My priorities are directed elsewhere. In all honesty, I've always been more interested in fame over money. I'd rather follow my passion doing what I love than sit in a cubicle all day trading time for money so I can buy things to impress people who don't care. I'm currently in a transitional period before leaving for a retreat in Guatemala and then Costa Rica for two months, all expenses paid. As an entrepreneur still struggling to make ends meet, I've decided to stay with my mom in Dallas for a few weeks. She needs my help after foot surgery with the added benefit of free rent. In the meantime, I'm exploring the many areas of Dallas and making new connections. I'll be attending Dallas Startup Week from April 3-7. This will be a great networking opportunity and a way to learn from successful entrepreneurs.  I'm never content to just sit around let the time pass without accomplishing something new. Persistence is always the key to success!

It's currently April Fool's Day. I'd rather be wise than a fool any day. I woke up and decided to drive the short distance to Allen, Texas. I've been trying to deposit this electronic check for nearly two weeks and most banks won't accept it. Someday I will look back on this moment and laugh about the struggle to get a meager $500... After finally finding a solution, I drove to Allen High School with the vision to capture aerial photo/video over the outrageous $60 million Stadium. The Allen Eagles are widely considered to be one of the best high school football teams in the country. They've won two state championships. I honestly couldn't care less about sports and it won't change now. I didn't even go to a single football game at Michigan State even though they are consistently ranked as one of the best. The capacity of this expensive stadium is 18,000. It's crazy to think that after two years in business the number of people I've reached on social media can fill this stadium 200+ times over! The world is changing fast and digital media experts will inevitably reach the top! It's just a matter of time. My next step is to generate revenue from these photos by emailing the head football coach and going from there. Put your money where the drone is!

**Don't hesitate to contact me if you need a professional photographer. I specialize in aerial photography, event photography, concert photography, real estate photography, and wedding photography. Currently accepting new clients in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and surrounding areas!

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