Pool Photoshoot w/ Ashley Harrington

I've been wanting to collaborate with Adrian Lopez on a photoshoot for a few months. I was recently helping with photography at a house owned by a successful tech entrepreneur in West Lake Hills. The original plan was to do the shoot at Skyhouse but my friend was in Dallas for the weekend and unavailable to grant access to the rooftop pool. This was the perfect location with a custom heated/lighted pool controlled from a mobile phone. I scheduled the photoshoot that same night after the baby shower and coordinated with the models, Ashley Harrington and Nicole Eaton. Adrian also hired the talented HMUA Jennifer Cunningham. We met the next day and everything went swimmingly. ;)

This was my first model photoshoot with all the professional lighting equipment. Although most of the photos were taken with just one strobe light, hours of editing in Lightroom always makes a world of difference! Collaboration is the name of the game! A photo is a worth a thousand words and these speak volumes.

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