Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Austin is where I belong! My roots are in Michigan, but it is not my home. It all started a year before graduation. I was visiting family in nearby Plano. We made the trip to Austin for my birthday. Early one morning, we migrated from our hotel to East 6th St, eventually reaching a small cafΓ© Hot Mamas. It was there that I had a chance encounter with a fellow customer, Danielle Palmer. She became a virtual friend. A week later, I boarded a flight home to wrap up my college career at Michigan State. Immediately after graduating from college, I packed all my earthly possessions into my new Chevy Cruze and traveled the length of this great continent to arrive in beautiful Austin! The journey connected me with my true self-identity. I traveled here searching for independence, opportunity, a thriving music scene, love and happiness. So at this point, I’m living out of my car, staying with friends and visiting family. Trying to find a soft place to lay my aching head. This needs to change if I ever hope to accomplish any of my lofty goals. I really need a place to call my own. Home sweet home! I had a very specific price range, in order to keep my meager finances in check. After trying a few apartment locators, I spot a little place called Nu-Edge. I walk in the door, immediately greeted by the same girl I met a year earlier! Her face brightens as our eyes meet. I inform her of my situation. I just moved here from Michigan, living out of my car, need to find an apartment pronto! Over the years in college, I grew tired of living with roommates. One year I even lived with roughly thirty people in a co-ed living environment. Together, Danielle and me gradually narrowed down the options. I left with a list in hand of three attractive properties. I’d recently interviewed at Apple, so Riata was very tempting. In the end, I decided on the brand-new Lotus Village. Within days after move-in, I scored a job developing mobile apps. This is the lucrative career I’d been searching for! Everything was beginning to fall into place. Today, I have the means to seek out the other dimensions to unlock my true potential. My dream is to one day create my own tech startup. I’m growing my professional network at an exponential rate. A part of me enjoyed living life on the road but I had to make peace with authority and transition into the realm of adulthood. I was presented with the harsh reality of life on the outside driving the streets of Austin. Penniless lost souls begging for spare change. I tried to help by giving out bottled water to stave off dehydration and heat stroke. I felt utterly powerless. How am I going to help myself if I can’t even help these poor folks on the street? The only thing moving me forward was hope for a brighter future, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. If I had never met Danielle at that cafΓ©, I might still be wandering. Life is a long journey, follow the sun and you will never be far from home!

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