Life Is A Journey

This will be my most honest writing thus far. Somedays, I have no clue what my purpose is and everything seems pointless. This is one of those days and also why I need to express myself in words. Being an entrepreneur is a label I use to feel better about my mission in life. Same goes for artist and photographer. They’re all just labels. I don’t fit into the traditional mold as society dictates which makes this journey difficult and often frustrating. At least if I had a traditional job and a consistent schedule there would be some sort of routine. But routine is creative suicide; creativity thrives on risk and uncertainty. Being stuck behind a desk doing menial work for the rest of my life is my own personal version of hell. The steady salary would be a welcome change of pace. Money is currently not an issue due to support from my father, which will hopefully not be necessary within the next few months. It just feels like the climb to financial independence is taking longer than expected, keeping in mind that I’m not even 30 yet. The quest to be successful, whatever that means, is always out of reach. It could be argued that I’ve already made it since my work is being showcased all over social media. I believe this is what an artist honestly wants more than anything. To be noticed and respected. Other than creating the art itself. This overrules eating regularly in some cases. I’ve chosen to pursue photography as my chosen craft. It took me over five years in college and multiple unfulfilling jobs in tech to realize that this was not the path that leads to my happiness. I’m still trying to figure out what that path is. Who isn't? Getting closer to the prize at the end of the rope, to quote a Foo Fighters song. This seems to be a metaphor to life and success, which always looms in the distance. When will you ever have enough? Whether it’s fame, money, respect, women, etc. I believe to be successful is to have less and still be happy. Follow your passion wherever it leads. I often find myself wondering where that long and winding roads leads or constantly searching for my true love. No matter how many times I think I’ve found her, she’s either unavailable or vanishes. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart; wake me if I’m dreaming... Many people choose to fill their personal void with acceptance in whatever form it may come. We all feel it from time to time. The crushing loneliness, pain and despair. There’s no need to hide from it. Instead we must acknowledge it and move forward. This is one advantage to practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis. When you feel like you’re pushing a boulder up a steep hill, just relax, close your eyes and focus on NOW. It’s the only moment we truly have in this journey called life. So instead of constantly racing around trying to prove to yourself that your life has meaning, just accept yourself for who you are. Nobody’s perfect but you are the only one of your kind. Realize that everything is going to be fine in the long run. Try not to get in a car accident. Don’t text and drive. Just appreciate the ride and all the natural beauty as you drive on the highway of life. Take time to slow down and appreciate your friends. Make an effort to connect with someone new everyday. Realize that the only way to love others is to love and appreciate yourself. I’ve always been a lone wolf and it’s for this reason that connection is so important to me. Life sometimes gets very lonely. I may have a nice apartment with a breathtaking view of the Austin skyline, but it’s still easy to become unsatisfied. Sometimes my apartment feels like a private prison. I only truly feel at home while around loving friends. Living in one place for an extended period of time is sometimes stifling. My life goal in the next five years is to travel the world capturing beautiful moments in photos and getting paid for the opportunity. That’s partially why I’m breaking into luxury real estate. There are certainly opportunities in this field to travel doing what I love. Not only that but it’s motivational since I would like to someday own a beautiful house and start a family. I’m still searching for my wife. She’s out there somewhere! I’m confident Austin will continue to be my home base for many years. I’m already creating artwork centered around this great community with a vision of prosperity -- a legacy. Continually reaching a huge audience on social media with a meager budget. Classic bootstrapping. My startup isn’t only located in Austin, it literally IS Austin. To make it even better, I carry my startup around on my back. It’s not a burden and it will pay great dividends once people see the big picture. Aerial photography provides a unique perspective of the world. My friend Jared is already living the dream I envision in my near future; flying the drone at exotic locations around the world. But when we face cold hard facts, I could just as easily die tomorrow. We only have one precious life, why shouldn’t we cherish it? I want to be my own boss and enjoy life on my own terms! Work smart, not hard. I’m reading a book right now entitled The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller. He emphasizes the point that you must choose your one passion and pursue it tenaciously without apology. This is the only way to truly become a master of your craft and destiny. Fear is the greatest obstacle to success. So I ask you: What’s your great passion and why aren’t you following it?

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