How To Grow Your Email List (with Privy)

Greetings from Austin,

In this article I will show you how to grow your email list using an online tool called Privy. It provides a dashboard to customize your popup and collect emails which you can then automatically sync with Mailchimp for email marketing purposes. So without further ado, let's dive in...

1. Create something of value that customers want

The first step is to find your "hook" to drive interested potential clients to your website/blog. It should be a product or service that will entice users to join your email list. In my particular case, I put together a blog post promising a list of the Top 50 Free SXSW Parties. This is a great idea since SXSW is quickly approaching, badges are expensive, and many people prefer the free parties anyway. I leave the brainstorming up to you...

2. Advertise your blog post on Facebook

This step is optional. If your goal is to reach a large audience in a specific target market and geographical area, there is simply no better way than Facebook Ads. For example, I'm currently spending 12 cents per link click with nearly 6,000 impressions after running my ad for less than a week! This will drive more traffic to your "hook". For more info on setting up Facebook ads to increase your social media presence, take a look at my blog post here.

3. Set up Privy and start collecting emails!

Create a free account on Privy. Go to your dashboard and set up the custom popup ad. You can find the code snippet under 'Settings > Privy Code' to integrate into your website. In order to automate a reply email after the user signs up, make sure to set up the Autoresponder. This eliminates any further interaction on your part. It's also easy to automatically sync new emails to Mailchimp for future updates from your business. Since I'm offering the list for free, I included a link in the reply email to donate via PayPal. Donations are always appreciated! My time is valuable and information is power.

I've collected 33 new signups in less than a week...


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post!

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