ACL Radio's 29th Season of Blues on the Green

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If you know any media publications looking for a concert photographer at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2019, don’t hesitate to Contact Me. I’m currently reaching out to a few contacts in the music industry at C3 Presents and various media publications. I was a photographer shooting on assignment for Speakers In Code in 2017. It was an awesome experience! I got a Press Pass in exchange for taking photos during Weekend One. I enjoyed free drinks and food in the Artist’s Lounge and was right up front in the photo pit with the other professional photographers, including the incredibly talented Do512 Official Photographer Roger Ho. You can read the short article with photos on Speakers In Code.


Austin Concert Photographer

#1 in Google Search Results

But enough self-promotion for my photography business… I decided to write this blog post about the 29th Season of Blues on the Green. Yesterday, August 7th, 2019, I met up with a few cool friends at Shady Grove for drinks and a quick bite to eat after hanging out at the beautiful and relaxing Barton Springs Pool for the afternoon on a hot Summer day. We headed over to Zilker Park around 8pm and found blanket space amongst the huge crowd of people. The first performance of the night was Soul Man Sam, an R&B band from Memphis, Tennessee. I chilled with my friends for a few minutes and then headed towards the stage to get a better view and take close-up photos.

Here’s a few of my favorite shots from their performance…

They were followed up by “Island Music” nine-piece band Sweet Spirit. The lead singer has an amazing stage presence. She was moving around all over the place. I was standing in the front row behind the fence taking photos. I’m currently shooting with a Sony A7 mirrorless camera I bought used from my friend Jared Tennant. It sometimes has minor issues with high-speed focus and I need to upgrade to a better low f-stop telephoto lens that’s more capable in low-light conditions. That being said, I was still able to capture a few remarkable although grainy (high ISO) photos. Artists are often critical of their own work. The camera doesn’t make the photographer. The important thing is to constantly keep improving!

Here’s a quick blurb about Sweet Spirit from their Facebook page.

Within six months they had gotten noticed by one of Austin’s most famous musical residents, Britt Daniel of Spoon. In October of 2014, Daniel asked the band to perform at Spoon’s “secret” tour kick off show at the cramped rock club Hotel Vegas for their latest record They Want My Soul, and Sweet Spirit was quickly thrown into the local buzzmill. The new record comes out on April 7, 2017 on Austin label Nine Mile Records and features a bigger, more dynamic set of songs. Lead single "The Power" has already become a fan favorite at live shows, while the Queen-esque track "The Mighty" and Prince dance funk of "I Wanna Have You" take the band is exciting, unexpected new directions.

Enjoy a few decent photos from their live performance…