10 Reasons You Shouldn't Visit Austin!

In this blog post I will lay out why Austin is a horrible place to live, build a career and raise a family. The creative entrepreneurial spirit is definitely suffering here. People are generally rude and it's a very boring place. We should encourage people to move away because it's growing too fast! Remember, a photograph speaks volumes...

1. The jogging trails are overcrowded and atrocious!

Pedestrian Bridge (The Trail Foundation)

2. The natural beauty isn't close to the city, like at all.

Barton Springs Pool (Austin Texas)

3. It's an ugly flat land without trees or hiking trails.

Austin Skyline

4. The weather is miserable and it's rarely sunny!

5. The sky is scorched due to heavy pollution levels.

Zilker Park (Austin Texas)

6. It's a very boring place and people usually stay indoors.

Blues On The Green (KGSR)

7. The campus is small and not well-respected.

University of Texas (UTexas)

8. This isn't a city of famous musicians.

Stevie Ray Vaughan (Wikipedia)

9. There's no water activities and it's dirty!

Lou Neff Point (The Trail Foundation)

10. The community is dead. Please don't move here!

Om The Dome (MedMob)

After reading this, if you're still not convinced and want to move here anyway, don't say I didn't warn you!

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